10. Draw Bank Reconciliation Statement showing adjustment between your Cash Book and Pass Book as on 31st March, 2024:

  1. On 31st March, 2024 your pass book showed a balance of 6,000 to your credit.
  2. Before that date, you had issued cheques amounting to 1,500 of which cheques of 900 have been presented for payment.
  3. A cheque of 800 paid by you into the bank on 29th March, 2024 is not yet credited in pass book.
  4. There was a credit of 85 for interest on Current Account in the pass book.
  5. On 31st March, 2024 a cheque for 510 received by you and was paid into bank but the same was omitted to be entered in cash book.

T.S.Grewal/Session 2024-25/Practical Problems/Q-10

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