6. Prepare a Bank Reconciliation Statement as on 31st March, 2024 from the following:

  1. On 31st March, 2024, Cash Book of a firm showed bank balance of 36,000 (Dr.)
  2. Cheques had been issued for 30,000, out of which cheques of  24,000 were presented for payment.
  3. Cheques of 8,400 were deposited in the bank on 28th March, 2024 but had not been credited by the bank. Also, a cheque of 3,000 entered in the Cash Book on 30th March, 2024 was banked on 3rd April.
  4. A cheque from Suresh for 2,400 was deposited in the bank on 26th March, 2024 was dishonoured, advice was received on 2nd April, 2024.
  5. Pass Book showed bank charges of 120 debited by the bank.
  6. One of the Debtors deposited 3,000 in the bank account of the firm on 26th March 2024, but the intimation in this respect was received from the bank on 2nd April, 2024.

T.S.Grewal/Session 2024-25/Practical Problems/Q-06

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