23. On 31st March, 2024, Pass Book of Sapna shows debit balance of 10,000. From the following particulars, prepare Bank Reconciliation Statement:

  1. Cheques amounting to   8,000 drawn on 25th March, 2024 of which cheques of 5,000 cashed in April, 2024.
  2. Cheques paid into bank for collection of 5,000 but cheques of    2,200 could only be collected in March, 2024.
  3. Bank charges 25 and dividend of 350 on investment collected by bank could not be shown in the Cash Book.
  4. A cheque of 600 debited in the Cash Book omitted to be banked.
  5. Bank draft of 5,000 received from a customer was deposited but not recorded in the Cash Book.

T.S.Grewal/Session 2024-25/Practical Problems/Q-23

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