11. Bank Statement of a customer shows bank balance of 62,000 on 31st March, 2024. On comparing it with the Cash Book the following discrepancies were noted:

  1. Cheques were paid into the bank in March, 2024 but were credited in April, 2024: P 3,500; Q 2,500; R 2,000.
  2. Cheques issued in March, 2024 were presented in April, 2024:                               X 4,000; Y 4,500.
  3. Cheque for 1,000 received from a customer entered in the Cash Book but was not banked.
  4. Pass Book shows a debit of 1,000 for bank charges and credit of 2,000 as interest.
  5. Interest on investment 2,500 collected by the bank appeared in the Pass Book.
  6. Prepare Bank Reconciliation Statement showing the balance as per Cash Book on 31st March, 2024.                                 (MSE Chandigarh, Modified)

T.S.Grewal/Session 2024-25/Practical Problems/Q-11

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