(a) AX Limited forfeited 6,000 shares of Rs. 10 each for non-payment of First call of Rs. 2 per share. The Final call of Rs. 3 per share was yet to be made. The Final call was made after Forfeited of these shares. Of the forfeited shares, 4,000 shares were reissued at Rs. 9 per share as fully paid up. Assuming that the company maintains ‘Calls in Advance Account’ and ‘Calls in Arrears Account’, prepare “Share Forfeited Account” in the books of AX Limited.

(b) BG Limited issued 2,00,000 equity shares of Rs. 20 each at a premium of Rs. 5 per share. The shares were allotted in the proportion of 5 : 4 of shares applied and allotted to all the applicants. Deepak, who had applied for 900 shares, failed to pay Allotment money of Rs. 7 per share (including premium) and on his failure to pay ‘First & Final Call’ of Rs. 2 per share, his shares were forfeited. 400 of the forfeited shares were reissued at Rs. 15 per share as fully paid up. Showing your working clearly, pass necessary Journal entries for the Forfeited and reissue of Deepak’s shares in the books of BG Limited. The company maintains ‘Calls in Arrears’ Account’.

(c) ML Limited forfeited 1,200 shares of Rs. 10 each allotted to Ravi for Non-payment of ‘Second & Final Call’ of Rs. 5 per share (including premium of Rs. 2 per share). The forfeited shares were reissued for Rs. 10,800 as fully paid up. Pass necessary Journal entries for reissue of shares in the books of ML Limited.

Marks-8, CBSE:2017-18/Sample/Q-16*

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