Altaur Ltd. was registered with an authorised Capital of ₹4,00,00,000 divided in 25,00,000 Equity Shares of ₹10 each and 1,50,000, 9% Preference Shares of ₹100 each. The company issued 8,00,000 Equity Shares for public subscription at 20% premium, payable ₹3 on application; ₹7 on allotment (including premium) and balance on call. Public had applied for 10,00,000 shares. Excess Applications were sent letters of regret. All the dues on allotment received except on 15,000 shares held by Sanju. Another shareholder Rocky paid his call dues along with allotment on his holding of 25,000 shares. You are required to prepare the Balance Sheet of the company as per Schedule III of Companies Act, 2013, showing Share Capital balance and also prepare Notes to Accounts.

Marks-4, CBSE:2022-23/Sample/Q-21

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