Anshul, Babita and Chander were partners in a firm running a successful business of car accessories. They had agreed to share profits and losses in the ratio of 1/2 : 1/3 : 1/6 respectively. After running business successfully and without any disputes for 10 years, Babita decided to retire due to old age and the Anshul and Chander decided to share future profits and losses in the ratio of 3 : 2. The accountant passed the following journal entry for Babita share of goodwill and missed some information. Fill in the missing figures in the following Journal entry and calculate the gaining ratio.

Date Particulars LF Debit Credit
Anshul’s Capital A/c Dr
Chander’s Capital A/c Dr
To Babita’s Capital A/c
(Chander’s share of Goodwill debited to the amounts of continuing partners in their gaining ratio)


Marks-3, CBSE:2023-24/Sample/Q-17

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