Give the necessary journal entries for the following transactions on dissolution of the firm of Aman and Rajat on 31st March, 2016, after the transfer of various assets (other than cash) and the third party liabilities to Realisation Account. They shared profits and losses in the ratio of 2 : 1.

(a) There was a bill of exchange of Rs.  10,000 under discount. The bill was received from Derek who became insolvent.

(b) Bills payable of Rs.  30,000 falling due on 30th April, 2016 were discharged at Rs.  29,550.

(c) Creditors of Rs.  30,000 took over stock of Rs.  10,000 at 10% discount and the balance was paid to them in cash.

(d) There was an old typewriter which had been written off completely. It was estimated to realize Rs.  600. It was taken away by Rajat at 25% less than the estimated price.

(e) Aman agreed to take over the responsibility of completing dissolution at an agreed remuneration of Rs.  1,000 and to bear all realization expenses. Actual realisation expenses Rs.  800 were paid by the firm.

(f) Loss on realization was Rs.  54,000.

Marks-6, CBSE:2016-17/Comp-DL/Q-14

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