Calculate the amount of sports material to be transferred to Income and Expenditure account of Raman Bhalla Sports Club, Ludhiana, for the year ended 31st March, 2018:-
Particulars Amount ()
i. Sports Material sold during the year (Book Value ₹ 50,000) 56,000
ii. Amount paid to creditors for sports material 91,000
iii. Cash purchase of sports material 40,000
iv. Sports material as on 31.3.17 50,000
v. Sports Material as on 31.3.18 55,000
vi. Creditors for sports material as on 31.3.17 37,000
vii. Creditors for sports material as on 31.3.18 45,000

Marks-3, CBSE:2018-19/Sample/Q-10

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